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Import Google Contacts –  ASP.NET 2

Import Google Contacts – ASP.NET

Reading Time: 1 minuteHow can we download our google address book to some local DB, file etc? One of the coolest things google has provided for developers is the Google Data API for integration of user and...

Team Viewer now available for Android 0

Team Viewer now available for Android

Reading Time: 1 minuteTeam Viewer is an excellent screen sharing and file transfer application that can be used to facilitate business collaborations and remote desktops sharing.

‘Google Places’ for Pakistan 1

‘Google Places’ for Pakistan

Reading Time: 1 minuteGoogle does it again for Local businesses in Pakistan. Google has launched it services ‘Google Places’ which is the new version of ‘Local Business Centre’. It is free web based service for business owners to to claim their business and publish useful information about their business. This service will work on top of Google Maps.

Google Instant | More faster Search from Google 1

Google Instant | More faster Search from Google

Reading Time: 1 minuteOnce again, Google fastest search engine has became more faster :).  Sometimes when users do not know the exact keyword for their search, Google Instant Suggestion is the solution. More information on this can...

Google Squared 0

Google Squared

Reading Time: 1 minuteMany a times we have to search for something on the web and save its results for future use or for documenting purposes and also in a structured/ordered manner. There are many third party...

ASP.NET charting – Google Chart API 0

ASP.NET charting – Google Chart API

Reading Time: 1 minuteIs charting a probelm in ASP.NET, try Google chart API, its free and robust. Following is the link to a very good article giving every bit of information on the above topic ASP.NET Charting...