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Samsung KIES 2.0 released 0

Samsung KIES 2.0 released

Reading Time: 1 minute  Samsung has released it latest version for KIES software, and it’s a major release with lots of improvements over its predecessor. Following are most notable changes available in new KIES software.   New...

Google Instant | More faster Search from Google 1

Google Instant | More faster Search from Google

Reading Time: 1 minuteOnce again, Google fastest search engine has became more faster :).  Sometimes when users do not know the exact keyword for their search, Google Instant Suggestion is the solution. More information on this can...

NEXUS One – Google 0

NEXUS One – Google

Reading Time: 1 minuteGoogle has unveiled an own-brand smartphone called the Nexus One. The release of the Nexus One is seen as a move to ensure Google remains relevant as people search the web using mobile phones...

Google Squared 0

Google Squared

Reading Time: 1 minuteMany a times we have to search for something on the web and save its results for future use or for documenting purposes and also in a structured/ordered manner. There are many third party...

ASP.NET charting – Google Chart API 0

ASP.NET charting – Google Chart API

Reading Time: 1 minuteIs charting a probelm in ASP.NET, try Google chart API, its free and robust. Following is the link to a very good article giving every bit of information on the above topic ASP.NET Charting...