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Project Server 2007 migration steps to new server

Some of the pre requisites for above mentioned operation are:

  • The new machine should have all the pre reqs for Project server installation (Sharepoint Central Administration, Web application, Project Application Service etc.)
  • Same service packs/Patches are to be installed on the new machine.
  • New machine has got same databases restored on it DB.
  • Content Database is also restored on the new database.

Follow the steps to migrate your current installation of Project server to new machine:

  • Go to central Administration
  • Click on Operations > Under Topology and Services > Click on Services on Server > Select the Option Project Application
  • Make Sure Project Application Service is started
  • Under Shared Service Administration Click on SharedServices1 (Name could be different)
  • Click on Project Web Access Sites
  • Click on Create Project Web Access
  • Make Sure you select the same "Project Web Access Path" if you want to RESTORE AND RELINK SharePoint workspace. My Scenario was PWA.
  • Enter the account info for Administrator Account and Primary Database Server
  • Enter the name of Published Database, Draft Database, Archive database and Reporting Database (restored databases)
  • Click on refresh status after few minutes
  • The Site should be provisioned
  • Click on the site just to make sure project web access is working
  • Click on Workspace "The PAGE not found" (EXPECTED)
  • Now Create a new web application
  • Navigate back to central administration > application management > Under SharePoint Web Application Management Click on Create or Extend Web Application
  • Create New Web-Application on Port 81 *Can be any port except 80
  • Once the Web application is created on port 81 > Navigate back to central administration > application management > Under SharePoint Web Application Management Click on Content databases
  • Change the Web-Application to http://servername:81/
  • Remove the content database of port 81 (Make Sure you are removing the content database of correct web application)
  • Click on Database name and then click on Remove Content Database > Click Ok
  • Add Content Database of Port 80 from Previous Server (I did restored the database as "OLD") to this web application on Port 81
  • Download Project Server Resource kit for project server 2007 from Microsoft.com
  • Extract it to C:\ResourceKit
  • Start > Run > Cmd
  • Browse to C:\ResourceKit
  • Type ReLinkAllWSSSites.exe http://servername:81 http://servername/pwa
  • Type Browse to PWA (http://serverName/PWA) you should see all Projects and their SharePoint sites.

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