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Informatica Admin Console not working.

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2 Responses

  1. Bosna Naorem says:

    The problem is not just with Informatica..

    It happens when we don’t set the host and port while installing the DBMS..
    connection string is VERY important..

    Make sure the information in the

    matches with
    what you entered for DBMS


    Make sure you installed the database (Oracle10g in my case) with proper hostname and port..

    (I DO NOT connect to any network while installing Oracle)
    I use my computer name(dylan) as host and default port(1521) with sid orcl..

    While installing Informatica server, set connection string for
    repository to hostname:port/db
    (in my case dylan:1521/orcl)..

  2. Harsha Deshpande says:

    Go to services.msc on your Windows machine
    Make sure “WebClient” service is started. If it is disabled , then thats your problem.
    Make it start automatically.
    Now start your informatica admin console. It will work.

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