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Author: Nauman

Samsung KIES 2.0 released 0

Samsung KIES 2.0 released

Reading Time: 1 minute  Samsung has released it latest version for KIES software, and it’s a major release with lots of improvements over its predecessor. Following are most notable changes available in new KIES software.   New...

Cloud Computing – ASP.NET 0

Cloud Computing – ASP.NET

Reading Time: 1 minuteFollowing are some of pros and cons for Cloud Computing Architecture for ASP.NET: Advantages: Cost cutting More storage for Data. Mobilitiy of Data Easy Disaster Recovery Disadvantages Implementation of session Implementation of authentication Migration...

Performance Tuning–SQL Server 0

Performance Tuning–SQL Server

Reading Time: 1 minuteMany times in your organization an issue is raised that SQL server database is very much slow and its performance is not up to the mark. First thing that comes in mind is are indexes correctly applied to table that are being used? And most of the tim

SQL Server 2011 0

SQL Server 2011

Reading Time: 1 minuteFinally release date for SQL Server 2011 has been announced i.e November 11, 2010. The major features of the new products are as following: Enhanced Mission-Critical Platform: an enhanced highly available and scalable platform....

Microsoft Office in Urdu 0

Microsoft Office in Urdu

Reading Time: 1 minuteMicrosoft has now released an Urdu language pack for Microsoft Office 2010. If you are using Microsoft office 2010 than you can now use it in your national language for e

Has your Email being viewed? 0

Has your Email being viewed?

Reading Time: 1 minuteIs there a secret way to check whether your email has been viewed and nobody even bothered to check/open it. Well you can now confirm

Multiple Web.Config in Visual Studio 2010 1

Multiple Web.Config in Visual Studio 2010

Reading Time: 1 minutePreviously it was a very difficult job to have configuration files for different application environments, like having config files for devel

Team Viewer now available for Android 0

Team Viewer now available for Android

Reading Time: 1 minuteTeam Viewer is an excellent screen sharing and file transfer application that can be used to facilitate business collaborations and remote desktops sharing.

Oracle database growth size 1

Oracle database growth size

Reading Time: 1 minuteHow can we check the size of database growth? I needed to know this while generating a report for management regarding DB size.

Now here a little scri

ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified 0

ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified

Reading Time: 1 minuteA you are working on a busy database than you will often see this error.


It means that your session is trying to update an ob