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Informatica Admin Console URL

In this article, we will show you, How to open the Informatica Admin Console URL to configure the Informatica Repository Service and Informatica Integration Service.   Opening Informatica Admin Console is very simple, you just...

SSL Certificate 0

Securing Website with SSL Certificate

Basically when we say that a website is being served over the HTTPS protocol all we’re really saying is that the data that gets transmitted from the web browser to the web server and...


5 Best Forum Plugins for WordPress

WordPress having multiple forum plugins, we’ll look at the 5 best forum plugins for WordPress here. bbPress This plugin was built for WordPress and it follows the same coding standards as WordPress does. It integrates...


iPhone 7 in Red Color

Famous Technology Company Apple has introduced its popular handset iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in red color. its pre-order booking will begin on 24th March at 8:30 pm Indian time. However, Indian customers have...

Rockwell Automation Factory Talk Vantage Point EMI 0

Rockwell Automation Factory Talk Vantage Point EMI

Whenever executives in manufacturing companies need information on production it’s usually because there’s an urgent problem or they’re trying to head off an urgent problem in the future the operation systems contain a world...


Anatomy of an Attack – Zero Day

You have taken great care to secure your network but even with responsible and sustained investment in your defenses you’re still at risk. attackers can bypass your security through an uncharted software vulnerability. a...